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Board Members

  • Mike Letheby


  • John Salistean


  • John Nelsen


    Eric Bergquist

    Bruce Cannon

    Jordan Tate

    James Tate

Hunting Advisory Board

  • Bruce Cannon

  • Bill Pospichal

  • Jim Tate

  • Don Tate

Swimming Pool Advisory Board

  • Cindy Jones

  • Pam Jones

  • Daina Kauk

  • Dianne Nietfeldt

  • Susan Letheby

BSA Shooting Range Advisory Board

  • John Nelsen

  • Mike Letheby

  • John Salistean

Horse Advisory Board

  • Ruth Laue

  • Susan Letheby 



  • Jon Barnett



About Us


Lincoln Youth Sports AssociationLincoln Youth Sports Association (LYSA) was originally founded to provide assistance to needy active young individuals in all aspects of sports or active activities in Nebraska communities.  We feel the strength of our communities comes from the opportunities afforded to the youth of those communities.


We will strive to discover special needs of the youth of a community and attempt to assist with mentoring, ideas to keep kids active, volunteer support, clerical support, purchasing equipment or land along with financial support wherever possible.


Upon the discovery of additional needs of the youth of Nebraska, LYSA is expanding its scope to receive, purchase or create safe and sound environments for youth of Nebraska for generations to come involving any areas of need determined by the communities of Nebraska.  Adult admission to such sites will be a monetary contribution AND/OR the mentoring of a youth.


Board members can be from anywhere in the world.  We will accept donations from anywhere in the world but all of the membership dues and donations received by LYSA will stay in the State of Nebraska.


LYSA currently has no paid staff and is operated by dedicated volunteers.


Your donations and membership dollars go a long, long way for kids.  Without people and corporations like yours, this would not be possible.


Thank you for your support.


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