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Hunting at Ducks Galore Lodge

Ducks Galore Hunting LodgeLYSA offers waterfowl hunting.  There are organized hunts, or you can book your own hunt at the lodge.  Please note that at least one LYSA Life Mentor is required to attend all hunts and be part of your hunt, in an effort to offer assistance with your hunt and familiarization of the Lodge.  See "Life Mentors" to learn how the program is run.

The Lodge

Incredible vistas await youth at Ducks Galore Lodge.LYSA prides itself with its efforts to combine historical preservation with the comforts of modern amenities located in the hour glass flyway of North America.  Adult hunts and youth hunts are available.   

The Lodge has the priority of your comfort.  It provides lodge sleeping with individual beds, full kitchen, laundry facilities, and two full bathrooms.  One of the many hunting locations is a pair of historic hunting pits preserved from yesteryear.  We have included the article for your pleasure.

Farrar, Jon. "Geese Were Made For Hunting." Nebraskaland Magazine Nov. 1988: 32 - 39

Hunting at LYSA's Ducks Galore Lodge in Lisco, Nebraska, will be one of the most memorable events in your life.  It features hunting in pits and blinds right next to the Garden County Game Preserve.  To see tens of thousands of geese and ducks in a day would not be uncommon.  You will also get the luxury of staying in a hunting lodge that is second to none for comfort and amenities at a very affordable price.




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