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Adult Hunts

The Adult Hunts are those hunts that are generated without the focus on mentoring youth.  The purpose of these hunts is to raise money through guest lodge fees and exposing new members to our mission.  The fees go toward the youth hunting subsidy pool.

If you would like to schedule a hunting trip for you and your friends contact for the how-to details. Refer to our calendar for the hunts that are “open to everyone” and contact the person listed. The hunts on the calendar designated as “by invitation only” are closed to the public.

Easy way to sign up for hunting:

Simply print up a Membership Application, write a check with a note what it is for and mail it to us. You get a discount if you send in your Membership Application along with your Membership Fee prior to the hunt. Your hunting reservation can NOT be made until you have sent in your Membership Application and Membership Fee..

Things to bring:

Food for your group; warm boots; sleeping bag (if you don't want to make your bed;) gun; steel shot shells; camo clothing is preferable but not required; your personal favorite beverage; two changes of clothing (one to wear and one to wash, pack light;) soft personal gear container if possible; personal toiletries; any other applicable hunting permits and stamps requirement; don't need to bring a towel or pillow; cooking utensils if you want to cook in the field (probably not needed,) camera (if you wish). Ear protectors AND ear plugs for sleeping.

Lodge Rules:

No smoking in the lodge. No house pets (waterfowl retreiving dogs only please.) No drinking alcohol before or during hunting. No loading of guns until securely located in the hunting facility; the gun safety device must be on when not aiming at game; food or beverage is only allowed in eating area; must use steel shot for all shooting activities; leave no personal valuables unattended; anything left behind after you leave the lodge to go home becomes the property of LYS; pick up trash and shot shell casings when leaving hunting area, put your personal gear on top of your sleeping area while awake; keep guns and boots in mudroom; clean birds outside; if taking prescription drugs or taking over-the-counter medication, or under a doctors care, you must disclose this to the Life Mentor on duty upon your arrival at the lodge; leave no perishable food in the lodge when your hunt is complete; remove all your game from the lodge when your hunt is complete as you are leaving for home..

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