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Picture of hunter eating breakfast in one of several underground pits. Picture of hunter holding three geese. Picture of two hunters their geese and their dog.
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Shotgun, box of shells, breakfast burrito... I'm ready.


If one bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, then how many would this be?


Oh.... anything you can shoot I can shoot better, I can shoot anything better than you.  No you can't.  Yes I can.  No you can't.  Yes I can.

Picture of kids holding there catch of the day. Picture of two hunters in one of several underground pits. Picture kids eating supper after a day of hunting.
4. 5. 6.

Shagging geese isn't so bad.


What do you say we heat up a couple cans of that 6-alarm chili I brought.  And just what is so funny about that?


Hey, step aside small change, I want some too.

Picture of hunter with three geese and his dog. Picture of the "Ducks Galore" hunting grounds. Picture of hunter in one of several underground pits.
7. 8. 9.

Lets see... one dog, two hands, three geese... and a partridge in a pear tree.


Ducks galore!


What do you think?  Should I let a little more air out of this cushion, or not?

Picture of hunter and his geese. Picture of eagle grabing the hind quarter of a fox with its talons Picture of Mike Letheby, Coach Callahan, Bruce Cannon, and Steve Pederson
10. 11. 12.

Hey, check it out... I've organized my geese by size, shape, AND color.  Cool huh.




Coach Callahan and Steve Pederson trying to get into the picture with legendary hunters Bruce Cannon and Mike Letheby.

Picture of hunter holding up two large geese. Picture of hunter with his catch of the day. Picture of Kids with showing off their Scheel's gift certificates.
13. 14. 15.
Look everybody, it's Heckel and Jeckel! "Ok, you got both of us.  Now could you ease off on the choke hold?" Photo of one of the Kid mentoring hunts where the kids received Gift Certificates donated by Scheel's All Sports, along with a real goose hunt.

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