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Jul 25 Wenzl Pool Party 8:15-10pm (Free) WPG25
Jul 26 Mettscher Pool Party 6:15-8pm (75) WPG25
Jul 26 Martin Pool Party 8:15-10pm (75) WPG25
Jul 27 Eastridge Presbyterian Church Pool Party 6:15-8pm (100) WPG50
Aug 2 Bohy Pool Party 6:15-8pm. TPG25
Aug 13 Pool Party Fund Raiser ticket stubs must be turned in to get $3 credit to seller.
Aug 16 Harrison Pool Party 6:15-10pm. (Free - Ruff & Conrad Referral) TPG
Aug 23 Annual Pool Party Fund Raiser, 610 Northborough Lane, 6-10pm. Picnic food and beverage provided. Everyone Welcome to attend. $10 per person of any age. ($5 discount if ticket purchased by August 13.) Email for ticket information. WPG
Aug 24 Switzer Pool Party 6:15-8pm (referred Hobbs) TPG
Sep 1 Last Day the pool is open for the 2014 Season.
Sep 2-5 Draining, repairing and painting pool. Volunteers needed.
Dec 3-7 Ducks Galore Lodge Reserved for Mike Letheby. Open to all hunters who get reservations. $125 plus membership to participate. Your payment is your reservation. Contact for details.
Apr 1 L.Y.S.A. Iron Knight Golf Event. Anyone bold enough to golf in inclement weather is welcome to commit. We can almost guarantee it will not be raining. Snow or sleet - maybe. WARNING: Only for the toughest of the tough. Defibrillators not available.
May 2 LYSA Adult Volunteers, Members and Sponsors Kentucky Derby Party. Food and beverages provided. Call 402-432-6453 for details.
May TBA Give To Lincoln Day. More details to come.
Apr 1 Iron Knight Golf Event. 2014 Champions: Adam Letheby, Mike Letheby, Tim Letheby.
May 24 LYSA Pool opens to members and their guests. 610 Northborough Lane.
May 24 Armstrong Pool Party 6:15-8pm (50)
May 29 GIVE TO LINCOLN DAY! to make a debit or credit card donation. Click on search for nonprofit button and enter Lincoln Youth Sports. Please donate. This is the year to donate with matching funds from two other parties. Call 402-432-6453 with questions. Lets have a giving day we can be proud of.
Jun 1 $25 Discount expires for Early Bird Membership Discount.
Jun 21 Cedars Foster Care Pool Party 10-noon. (100)
Jun 22 Nemec Pool Party 6:15-8pm. (free-new member)
Jun 28 Conrad Pool Party 6:15-8pm. (free-new member)
Jun 29 Siebert Pool Party 6:15-10pm. (150)
Jul 5 Ehly Pool Party 6:15-8pm (75)
Jul 5 Beach Party & Fireworks display at the lake. 10am - 11pm. All Members and Sponsors Welcome! Swimming, volleyball, basketball, ping pong, sun bathing, sand castles, grills and smokers available, optional overnight camping available-bring your gear. NO GLASS ALLOWED ON PROPERTY. Email to let them know you are attending or for more information.
Jul 6 Mitchell Pool Party 6:15-8pm (0 - new member referral)
Jul 10 $25 Disount deadline for golf outing. Must be postmarked or paid in full by July 10.
Jul 12 Svoboda/Parker Pool Party 6:15-8pm (75)
Jul 13 Hobbs Pool Party 6:15-8pm. (free-new member)
Jul 18 LYSA Golf Outing at Wilderness Ridge. $80 (Deduct $20 if paid by July 9. Deduct $20 if a member of LYSA.) Limited sign up so sign up early. Contact for registration information. Registered Golfers: Bill Burbach, Mike Burcham, John Chess, John Chess Guest 1, John Chess Guest 2, John Chess Guest 3, Doug Crawford, Chris Dahl, William Fraizer, Larry Gerard, Tom Krueger, Don Kucera, Mike Letheby, Tim Letheby, Steve McKee, Mark Mussman, Rich Paulsen, Rick Reynolds, Ken Svoboda, Austin Williams, Austin Williams Guest 1, Austin Williams Guest 2, Austin Williams Guest 3, Dennis Wilson. 2014 Champions: Chris Dahl, Larry Gerard, Mike Letheby, Rick Reynolds.
Jul 19 Andrade Pool Party 6:15-10pm. (150)
Jul 20 Wagner Pool Party 6:15-8pm. (55)
Jul 20 Family Beach Party at the lake. 1pm - 9pm. All Members and Sponsors Welcome! Swimming, volleyball, basketball, ping pong, sun bathing, sand castles, shade relaxation. NO GLASS ALLOWED ON PROPERTY. Email to let them know how many are coming or for more information.




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